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The Jungle Book

Natchez Little Theatre's  Summer Youth Workshop Presentation:


Thursday June 29, - Sunday July 2, 2017


Based on the novel by Rudyard Kipling and the Disney film, “The Jungle Book” has music and lyrics by Richard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman and Terry Gilkyson; book adapted and additional lyrics by Marcy Heisler; Music adapted and arranged by Bryan Louiselle.


Deep in the heart of the Indian jungle, a pack of wolves raises a beloved Man-cub named Mowgli, until Shere Khan, the tiger, decides that the boy is no longer welcome in the jungle.  Bagheera, the panther, plans to guide Mowgli to the safety of the Man village, but Mowgli is reluctant to leave his home.  As Mowgli sets out, he is followed by the curious Shanti, shy girl from the Man village who hides herself from the Man-cub.  Mowgli settles into the jungle to get some sleep when his peaceful night is interrupted by Kaa, the snake, shoes hypnotic coils lull Mowgli into a deep slumber.  Bagheera wakes and chases off the snake.


As Bagheera and Mowgli begin their journey, a troupe of elephants stampede toward them led by the regimented Colonel Hathi.  Mowgli tires to fil in with the group, saluting his ‘trunk’ like the baby elephant, but Hathi refuses to let him join the brigade.  As the elephants march off, Bagheera commands Mowgli to follow without any more argument.

Upset, Mowgli pouts by a large boulder, only to discover that the rock is actually the giant bear Baloo, who shares his philosophy6 on life.  Convinced he has everything he needs to survive, including a new friend, Mowgli happily adopts Baloo’s carefree outlook, when suddenly he is kidnapped by three monkeys and taken to their leader.  King Louie wants Mowgli to teach him how to be a man, but Bagheera rescues Mowgli









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while a disguised Baloo distracts the apes until his disguise falls off, and he makes a run for it.  The monkeys try to follow in pursuit, but Shere Khan scares them off.


Speaking with Bagheera, Baloo accepts that the jungle is not safe for Mowgli, who overhears him and, dejected, runs away.  The jungle promises to protect Mowgli but Shere Khan finds him before they can make a plan.  Baloo, Mowgli, and the jungle work together to taunt and confuse the tiger.  Shanti, with the jungles’ help, uses a net to catch Shere Khan, who runs off, frustrated and embarrassed.  Shanti reveals herself to the group.  Even though Mowgli is now safe, he decides to explore the Man village with Shanti, though he will always consider the jungle his home.




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